BASIS Curriculum School students are prepared for success beyond our doors.

When students earn the BASIS Diploma, they are among the world’s best prepared high school graduates. The BASIS diploma involves students completing a minimum of eight AP courses and at least six AP Exams during their high school tenure but many BASIS Curriculum School graduates choose to take as many as 20 AP Exams in preparation for their post-high school experience. That’s one reason so many BASIS Curriculum School graduates earn distinction as AP Scholars.

Students’ exposure to these advanced courses also translates into success on college entrance exams. Our students’ high scores on the PSAT exam earn them recognition as National Merit Scholars which often leads to generous scholarships. Their high scores on the SAT and ACT exams position them for acceptance at the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

For BASIS Curriculum School graduates, post-secondary choices are plentiful.

When a school has a widely recognized curriculum and results, colleges and universities take notice. BASIS Curriculum students have proven themselves both academically and personally, and are accepted to the finest higher learning institutions in the world. In reviewing the list of college acceptances among BASIS Curriculum School graduates, it is easy to be impressed and we credit these impressive achievements to our students and their love of learning.

College Acceptance

Number Of 2018-2020 BASIS Curriculum Schools Graduates Accepted to U.S. News & World Report Top 20 National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges.

College or University Number of BASIS Graduates
Amherst College 3
Bowdoin College 1
Brown University 2
California Institute of Technology 5
Carleton College 3
Colby College 2
Colgate University 1
Columbia University 8
Cornell University 8
Dartmouth College 2
Davidson College 1
Duke University 13
Georgetown University 1
Grinnell College 3
Harvard University 1
Harvey Mudd College 3
Johns Hopkins University 7
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2
Northwestern University 2
Pomona College 4
Princeton University 5
Rice University 8
Smith College 2
College or University Number of BASIS Graduates
Stanford University 10
Swarthmore College 1
University of California, LA 54
University of Chicago 6
University of Notre Dame 1
University of Pennsylvania 5
Vanderbilt University 8
Vassar College 2
Washington and Lee University 1
Washington University 11
Wesleyan University 5
Williams College 2
Yale University 3

U.S. News & World Report National Universities Ranking and Best National Liberal Arts Colleges Ranking, 2020. College Acceptance data is self-reported by students. Naviance, 2020.