Alan Wilkinson, Head of BASIS Hangzhou

This is my first blog post ever! And it came about because I am now a resident of Bangkok!

I have visited Bangkok nearly every year since I became Head of BASIS Hangzhou until Covid. I was always smitten by its vibrancy. So, it’s a bit of shock to witness this period of enforced slumber in the city; however, the green shoots of newness are about us… Restaurants and most businesses are open again. The curfew is being wound backwards… Here in school we have very much started the process of planning for reopening to welcome back our wonderful, beautiful children!

The main issue we have to concentrate upon is SAFETY! Schools may be places of learning, but the first consideration always has to be the care of the children and wider community.

My experience in China – where the first phase of this horrible virus was so keenly felt, has let me see the kind of measures that need to be put into place…

Let’s pray that we soon can get our old lives back to as near-normality as we can. We also hope that those who have been so tragically affected by this dreadful pandemic are able to piece their lives back together. And maybe – just maybe, the world has learned something about how interconnected we are as a species and a new sense of global community will prevail.

Here is to a better future!