In kindergarten we aspire to create hands-on learning opportunities that engage our students in real-world contexts. As part of our Early Years Curriculum, we build a strong foundation and progress to more developed skills through Kindergarten, including the introduction of some Grade 1 material.

During our study of money, students explore Thai Baht coins, arranging combinations to create different amounts. This led naturally to play, where students pretended to buy items and pay shopkeepers. An idea was born – The Kinder Market! Our students planned a shop and the items that they would like to sell.

At BASIS, we seek to find connections between subjects any chance we can. To extend our learning beyond math, we made cross-curricular connections to literacy by filming advertisements and creating sale posters. Students watched commercials and learned how advertisers use media to attract customers.

On the day of the market, students set up their tables and products. Our students sold hair clips, fruit, gold and diamonds, books, toys, balloons, flowers, art supplies, masks, paper, and dragon eggs! We even had a movie theatre! Each product was marked with a price tag and students were ready to make some money.

We were so excited to welcome our shoppers, and happy to see that there was a line forming even before we opened our doors! Shouts of “SALE, SALE, SALE!” could be heard all over the market as students called the shoppers over to their stall. Our kindergarteners were expert shop keepers, telling their customer the price and counting the money to ensure that they were given the right amount.

At the end of the market our students were so proud of themselves. This was an unforgettable learning moment for them.

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