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Connections Classes

Inspired by the scene in Apollo 13 when astronauts demonstrate ingenuity, teamwork and incredible mental agility by using duct tape to fit a square peg in a round role, co-founders Michael and Olga Block came up with “Connections Class” — a unique opportunity for young students to put their own creativity and critical thinking skills to work.

Students are presented with a highly creative challenge; to develop a solution, they must work together and use elements from all their studies.

Students in grades 1-3 meet once a week to complete tasks that help them understand the interactions and relationships between all of the different topics they are studying. As they collaborate to solve their challenge, students build and foster interpersonal relationships in a fun and self-guided (yet supervised) environment. The class serves as a core foundation for the type of strategic skills required to prepare students to be participants in the 21st century world of commerce and innovation.