Creativity, innovation, and an engaging learning environment that is built upon traditional content knowledge is the signature of our worldwide learning community and the BASIS Diploma. Traditional 20th century education at its best gives students a well-rounded education with deep content knowledge but must be adapted to the 21st century.

BASIS Curriculum Schools are grounded in this tradition. However, we recognize that more must be done to prepare students to navigate the digitally connected, globalized, technologically explosive lives and international careers that await them. Continuous innovation and adaptation of teaching methods is key to the development of the BASIS Curriculum and is one of our core values.

The Leading American Curriculum School in Bangkok

With a rich history dating back nearly 30 years, our Curriculum has been carefully formulated to help students nurture their natural curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning. Starting in our Early Learning Program, we put a strong emphasis on building our students’ foundational skills while simultaneously encouraging exploration and creative problem solving.

Inquisitive minds learn quickly. Our students discover how to observe, question, analyze, seek their own answers and apply their findings to the world around them. As our students progress through the curriculum, we continue building on this foundation. We encourage them to expand their knowledge, and gradually introduce more challenging concepts that pave the way to mastery in the fields of science, mathematics, the humanities, fine arts, and physical education.

We pride ourselves on delivering one of the best educations in Thailand. Our students will leave BASIS International School Bangkok as capable, independent young adults and well prepared to matriculate to Universities around the world.


Story Time

Early Learning Program

Our transitional kindergarten through kindergarten program is carefully designed to encourage a child’s natural tendencies to question, to...

Young Student Between Classes

Primary School Program

Led by a Subject Expert Teacher and a Learning Expert Teacher in most classes, grades 1–4 students study a well-rounded, integrated curriculum...

Teacher and Students in Middle School

Middle School Program

Grades 5–8 are designed to foster student independence, self-motivation, confidence, and curiosity: the academic and organizational skills that...

Students in High School

High School Program

Beginning with Advanced Placement® (AP) coursework and ending with college-style capstone courses and the Senior Project, the BASIS Curriculum in...

Optional Chinese Language Program

Optional Chinese Language Program

Grades 5–8 are designed to foster student independence, self-motivation, confidence, and curiosity: the academic and organizational skills that...

Nursery Program

Nursery Program

BASIS International School, Bangkok is excited to announce it will be opening its Nursery from the start of the 22-23 academic year!

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today.

We are firm believers that a well-rounded education is critical for success in today’s rapidly changing world. Good Grades alone are simply not sufficient; the best leaders need to have a strong academic foundation, mastery of complex content, and interpersonal skills to be successful in leading the multi-functional teams of the future.

Our curriculum reflects this reality, encompassing a wide range of subject material that has practical application beyond the classroom walls. Empathy, discipline, resilience, and initiative are just some of the qualities we help our students develop.

We also provide an extensive range of extracurricular activities that complement our curriculum and enable our students to develop into well-rounded individuals.