The BASIS Curriculum Schools High School Program is consistently recognized as one of the best in the America. Unmatched in breadth and depth, the High School Program is where the BASIS Curriculum began, designed to prepare students to compete and excel on the international stage. The building blocks of the program include an advanced, liberal arts and sciences curriculum benchmarked to the best educational systems in the world, Subject Expert Teachers whose knowledge and passion inspire excellence in students, and a supportive culture where hard work and the pursuit of knowledge is celebrated.

The Curriculum

A liberal arts and sciences curriculum benchmarked to the highest international standards.

The High School Program prepares students to be active participants in their futures and challenges them to reach the highest international benchmarks. The curriculum builds off the foundation of content and skills learned in middle school and offers students a diverse course of study that is unmatched in breadth and depth. By the time they reach grade 9, they are ready for Advanced Placement® (AP) courses, a key, required component of the curriculum. Externally measured and validated by the College Board, these courses allow students to study college-level work in high school. AP classes are available starting in grade 9 at our school, and because of the acceleration of our program, most students complete their AP course requirements over the course of their first three years in high school.

* Read more about AP performance and our philosophy behind our use of AP courses.

In addition to advanced coursework in all disciplines, students are offered a wide variety of elective options that provide opportunities to explore their interests and discover new passions. Elective offerings change, but often include courses in the arts, engineering and computer science, additional foreign language beyond the requirement, and more. Additionally, they can choose to complement the curriculum with many different extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs. Students often take the initiative to create clubs or activities themselves, which allow them to experience interscholastic competition, serve the school and local community, and develop new skills in a non-academic or creative outlet. Ultimately, their passions come into focus through our unique Senior Year, which bridges the high school experience with the expectations of college.

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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The College Board was founded as the College Entrance Examination Board in 1900 to bring order to the process of college admissions. In 1955, the College Board introduced the Advanced Placement (AP) program to enable students to receive advanced placement in colleges that range from college credit to the waiving of required courses. Today the AP Exams are recognized globally as a way to demonstrate a student’s college readiness.

At BASIS Curriculum Schools, students have the opportunity to begin AP-level coursework before they even enter High School and all students begin AP courses and exams in Grade 9. Our students will take a minimum of six (6) Advanced Placement courses as part of their graduation requirement. On average, our students take many more exams (12.9 as of 2019) with a very high pass rate (92.7% as of 2019), which is a reflection of their diverse interests and curiosity. These exams and results demonstrate the capability of our students and form an important component of the University application process.

The Senior Year

The High School program culminates in Grade 12, also referred to as the Senior Year. In the first two trimesters, seniors benefit from the expertise of their teachers in Capstone Courses, the equivalent to a 200 or 300-level University course. These courses are diverse and in-depth and have in the past included topics such as Biomedical Engineering and Post-Colonial Literature. The BASIS Curriculum Senior Year is a unique opportunity to learn at a more advanced academic level than typical high school seniors. They explore potential topics that may influence their choice in University major or future career, and cultivate intellectual passions and pursuits that will shape them as learners and leaders in University and beyond.

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Senior Projects

Senior Projects

The culmination of the Senior Year is the Senior Project which is conducted over the Third Trimester. With this, students have the opportunity to work with leaders in their field of interest to conduct an in-depth research project and gain hands-on practical experience in business or academia. Our college counseling team works with leading Universities, corporations and not-for-profit organizations to pair students to conduct advanced level research studies. Many of our students go on to conduct research projects such as cancer studies, animal behavior research, analysis fashion trends, and more. These are truly incredible young adults who are primed to be better prepared as they enter the University.

University and Beyond

We have built the success of our school on our ability to help students develop into bright, capable and independent young adults. We challenge each individual student to become the best version of themselves and consistently rank among most well respected schools in world. Many of our students go on to receive scholarships from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Brown, MIT, Princeton, University of Oxford, and many more. You can see more of our rankings at our BASIS Results page.

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