Executive Leadership Team

Dr. Willem Hendrik van der Sluis
Head of School

Dr. Willem Hendrik van der Sluis, known as Dr. W, is our Head of School. Dr. W is a global citizen with a background in education, leadership, and student counseling. He received his Doctorate in Education from the University of Glasgow, Scotland (UK), a Master’s degree in Inclusive Education from Middlesex University, London (UK), and a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogics in The Netherlands.  

Dr. W. has held several positions professionally throughout his career, including positions in The Netherlands, UK, Bangladesh, UAE, Kazakhstan, Thailand, and China, with an all-around PreK to Grade 12 set of experiences. He also taught for five years at Imperial College London (UK), a Top 10 World University.  

Dr. W believes that our school community is dynamic, with brilliantly motivated children, enthusiastic parents, and a talented team committed to doing what is in the best interests of our students. 

We will continue to put students first at BASIS and look forward to celebrating their collective success with Dr. W. in the years to come.  Dr. W is excited to join our growing BASIS International School Bangkok community and looks forward to building upon our successes over the past several years.

MS. Kingkarn Olarngarnjanin
Head of Operations

Kingkarn Olarngarnjanin, commonly known as Ms. Kwan, is currently serving as the Head of Operations at BASIS International School Bangkok. Since joining the school in 2021, she has played a significant role in ensuring the smooth functioning of various operational aspects.

Kwan holds a degree in Finance from Massey University in New Zealand, where she completed her studies under the faculty of Business Studies. Her educational background has equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to the school’s operations.

Before becoming a member of the BASIS International School Bangkok team, Kwan had an illustrious career in the international hospitality industry. She held leadership positions in a renowned international hospitality group for more than twenty years. Being a part of the BASIS family brings Kwan immense joy and pride. She appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of young children, assisting them in reaching their fullest potential. Witnessing the incredible growth and knowledge acquisition of the students is a source of excitement for her.

Kwan holds the utmost respect for the dedicated and talented teachers at BASIS International School Bangkok. Collaborating with such gifted and intelligent colleagues is an honor for her. Their commitment to providing a high-quality education and fostering a nurturing environment inspires her daily.

Ms. Annie Fletcher
Director of Early Years

Born in Belgium and raised in the active Pacific Northwest of the United States, Annie Fletcher’s lifelong commitment to education began as a child sitting at the kitchen counter enchanted by the possibilities of learning.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Mills College in Oakland, California followed by a teaching credential from San Francisco State University and later pursued a Master’s in Educational Leadership and a two-year program in school administration.  Annie began as an innovative teacher in Poulsbo, Washington, where her engaging methods and empathetic connection with students and families earned her promotions to leadership roles.  Annie continued to teach in her assignment in the Solomon Islands and then back to Washington state where she became a National Board Certified Teacher and shifted into school administration.

Now at the helm of Early Years at BASIS International School Bangkok, Ms. Fletcher brings her experiences and vision to fruition.  Her leadership is characterized by student-centered learning approaches that prioritize holistic development and critical thinking.  By fostering partnerships with families and teamwork amongst school teachers and employees, Annie plans to elevate both academic and social emotional growth of students.  Beyond her professional life, Annie enjoys hiking, yoga, art and taking time to explore her new community and make new friends in Bangkok and Thailand.  She embodies a balanced and compassionate approach to life.  Director Fletcher is looking forward to getting to know all of her new students and families.

Ms. Ruth Aquilina-Finan
Director of Primary & Upper School

Ms. Ruth graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada with an honors degree in Early Childhood Education. She received a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Masters in Leadership, from the pretigious University of Toronto. She also holds a Primary Specialist certification from the University of London. Ms. Ruth has taught Kindergarten through to Grade 12 for thirty years in Ontario, Canada. She spent three years at BASIS in Hangzhou, China with Mr. Alan. She also has experience in course instruction for both pre-service teachers and certified teachers and has served as instructional coach for many years.

Mr.Joshua Levenson
Director of Academic Programs

Mr. Josh, our new Director of Academic Programs, is very excited to work alongside the other members of BISB’s administrative team to build upon the foundation of excellence crafted over the school’s first two years. Mr. Josh grew up in America, where he earned his Bachelors of Science from the University of Michigan before moving across the world to become a teacher. He has taught chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering at a number of educational institutions across Southeast Asia, including two years here at BASIS. He now leads the Academic Programs team and is responsible for ensuring the outstanding quality and caliber of both BISB’s curricula and methodology!

Ms. Namita Sinha
Director of Auxiliary Programs

BASIS International School has welcomed a dynamic addition to its leadership team in the form of Namita Sinha, the newly appointed Director of Auxiliary Program. With an impressive track record of fifteen years in various leadership roles, Namita brings a wealth of experience and passion for fostering a sports culture that will invigorate the school community.

Namita holds a degree in Physical Education, Sports Science and Sports Mangement. Having previously served as the Athletic Director, Deputy Head of Primary and Secondary School, and Coordinator for Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA), Greater Bangkok Athletic Conference (GBAC), and International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA), Namita has honed her expertise in educational leadership and sports administration. 

With a strong belief that sports have the power to shape individuals into confident and disciplined leaders, Namita envisions fostering a culture where students proudly represent their school as brand ambassadors. She aims to encourage healthy competition, teamwork, and perseverance through various sporting events, both within the school and with other institutions. 

Namita Sinha’s arrival as one of our leaders marks a new chapter in Basis International School’s journey towards becoming a haven for aspiring athletes and sports enthusiasts. Her profound dedication to developing a thriving sports culture will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the students, shaping them into well-rounded individuals ready to take on the world with confidence, determination, and a love for sports that will endure a lifetime.