The BASIS International Middle School curriculum (Grades 5 through 8) is designed to help students develop academic and organizational skills that will prepare them for the demanding BASIS High School curriculum. Whereas the Primary School program is taught in integrated 85-minute blocks, Middle School students move classes and subjects every 50 minutes, which presents an exciting challenge for students.

Organizational skills, time management and self-control are not innate which is why the Middle School curriculum has been designed in such a way to enable students to build and refine these skills. Our curriculum in these grades is one of the most advanced Middle School programs available in the world, fully integrating the sciences, arts, math, language, reading and critical thinking. By the end of Middle School, students have the ability to synthesize information across subject matter and are prepared for the rigor of the High School curriculum.

The Curriculum

Rooted in the liberal arts and sciences, the BASIS Curriculum is one of the most robust programs available at the middle school level.

With coursework in classics, physical geography, math, English, performing arts, and more, grade 5 bridges the concrete thinking and material in the younger grades with the abstract thinking that will be expected of students in grades 6–8. For example, students’ course in Intro to Science helps them become fluent in the scientific method and units of scientific measure, preparing them to excel in disciplinary sciences.

In grades 6–8, students complete a rigorous schedule in all core disciplines, including three separate, concurrent science classes (biology, chemistry, and physics), economics, foreign language, and a course in logic. Students can select an elective beginning in grade 6 and foreign language option in grades 7 and above. The spiral of the curriculum is essential and highly apparent in these grades, particularly regarding the revisiting of concepts in the sciences in greater depth with each passing year, as students prepare for entry into Honors or Advanced Placement® (AP) level coursework starting in grade 9. For instance, the concept of homeostasis is introduced in grade 6 biology with a focus on the organ systems of the human body. In grade 7 biology, homeostasis is further studied in diverse systems of life on earth. By grade 8 biology, students expand their knowledge as they focus on how genetic mutations and cancers affect homeostasis at the cellular level.

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Teacher and Student In Middle School

Guiding Our Middle School Students on the Path to Success

Middle School is a formative time in a child’s development and our educators are prepared to help guide students through this stage of learning. We guide students through these exciting, but often challenging years, and equip them with the tools, knowledge and self-efficacy they need to succeed in High School.

In the Middle School program students come to understand knowledge as a tool using fundamental concepts and skills to analyze the world around them. They learn that developing and mastering skills and facts is a step towards the more creative thinking required of the college level coursework they will tackle in High School.

As a result, our Middle School program consistently ranks among the best schools in the world and our students go onto excel as they continue their educational journey.

Exciting Extracurricular Programs

We offer a wide range of engaging extracurricular programs, which give students the opportunity to pursue their passions while engaging with their peers and the wider community.

There are many sports, clubs and activities available, which addresses the diverse interest of our students. Our students have the opportunity to particulate in activities including language, technology, sports, drama, arts, music, dance, robotics, and other innovative programs.

We encourage all of our students to take an active role in our extracurricular clubs. As a result, many of the extracurricular programs are developed in collaboration with, and often led by, proactive and enterprising young students.

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