Student Support

Ensuring students are happy, secure, and prepared to participate.

Our educational philosophy is centered around student autonomy and self-advocacy. We’ve designed specific services to help empower students when they come to school each day in addition to providing many critical auxiliary services such as a lunch program, before-and after-school care, and transportation.

Ongoing student support is a critical part of our academic program. Deans are assigned to a specific grade level, or group of grade levels, to regularly monitor student performance and proactively identify those who need support or are making exceptional strides.

Deans play a very specific role in developing and orchestrating a plan for students who need additional support above what is offered in the classroom. First, they meet with the student and assess, then they employ a plethora of strategies such as extra teacher hours, peer tutoring, executive functioning, and organizational support. Most importantly, whether a student is on a Student Support Plan or not, we celebrate success as students inevitably make strides towards achieving their individual goals as scholars.

All teachers are required to hold weekly office hours that are available to students (and parents) who want to check in on progress, review content or homework, work on some extra skills, and more.

These hours are critical to ensure the success of our students. It gives our students an opportunity to get a little extra assistance where they need it, work on a special project, and push their academic knowledge even further. Parents have access to all of our teachers and can schedule a meeting with any of them during these teacher office hours.

In every grade, teachers focus on the development of two fundamental competencies: efficient organization and productive time management.

The BASIS Organizational Skills for Success (BOSS) program is a specific program that works on honing these skills, particularly useful for new students just starting the program. BOSS not only focuses on executive functioning skills to prepare students to tackle complex tasks, but also helps students transition into our program as they get to know fellow classmates and expectations.

Early BirdEarly Bird is an extension of the school day available to all students before the start of school from 7:00 AM until the start of their first class. This hour provides a place for students to complete homework or quietly socialize with friends in a supervised environment. Student must remain in the designated area before their classes begin. There is no fee for Early Bird.

Late BirdLate Bird is a fee-based after-school extension available to all students from 2:45 PM–6:00 PM. We provide students a quiet academic environment to complete homework and an opportunity to socialize with friends in a supervised environment.

Our Arts building has a beautiful café available for our Community. It is a place to socialize, relax, and catch-up with each other before and after school.

Students are provided with a snack and lunch daily in the Kindergarten Building and our beautiful Canteen. Epicure Catering provides our food services and has been the leading school catering specialist in Thailand since 2003. Healthy eating is the requirement for children’s energy needs for growth, activity and development. Epicure’s goal is to support this with a balanced nutritional meal. We offer healthy versions of Western and Asian delights using some of the favorite recipes from around the world.