Alan’s First Blog

This is my first blog post ever! And it came about because I am now a resident of Bangkok! I have visited Bangkok nearly every year since I became Head of BASIS Hangzhou until Covid. I was always smitten by its vibrancy. So, it's a bit of shock to witness this period of enforced slumber in the city; however, the green shoots of newness are about us... Restaurants and most businesses are open again. The curfew is being wound backwards... Here in school we have very much started the process of planning for reopening to welcome back our wonderful, beautiful children! The main issue we have to concentrate upon is SAFETY! Schools may be places of learning, but the first consideration always has to be the care of the children and wider community. My experience in China - where the first phase of this horrible virus was so keenly felt, has let me see the kind of measures that need to be put into place... Let's pray that we soon can get our old lives back to as near-normality as we can. We also hope that those who have been so tragically affected by this dreadful pandemic are able to piece their lives back together. And maybe - just maybe, the world...

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Newly Appointed Head of School at BASIS International School Bangkok

BASIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGKOK APPOINTS ALAN WILKINSON AS NEW HEAD OF SCHOOL   BASIS International School Bangkok (BISB) today announced the appointment of Mr. Alan Wilkinson as the new Head of School effective July 16, 2021. Born in Shrewsbury, England, Alan has 25 years of leadership experience in international schools in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and China – a long track record with a strong focus on excellence in all aspects of education. In addition to his school leadership, Alan is also experienced as an international school inspector for the Council of International Schools (CIS). He will relocate to Bangkok from Hangzhou, China after three years as the Founding Head of School at BASIS International School Hangzhou. Alan will be responsible for continuing the implementation of the mission and vision of the world-acclaimed BASIS Curriculum at BASIS International School Bangkok. He succeeds Ms. Elizabeth Thies, who will relocate to the United States and transition to her new role as a Head of School at a new BASIS Independent School. Elizabeth will be with BASIS International School Bangkok to begin the 2021-2022 school year and smoothly transition her leadership role to Alan. “Alan Wilkinson has an outstanding reputation leading BASIS International School Hangzhou and a proven track record of running...

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Outstanding 2021 College Acceptances for BASIS International Schools in China

BASIS International Schools in China have been celebrating an outstanding set of college acceptances. The Class of 2021 from BASIS International Schools in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Park Lane Harbour have already received offers from a range of outstanding universities from around the world, including many of the most highly selective universities and programmes. The overall record of 64 students is remarkable - 77% of the graduates were accepted into at least 1 of the top 30 universities worldwide. In total, this year’s applicants have already received 413 offers with scholarships of $1.78 million in total from those universities ranked within the top-10 globally (QS World Rankings 2021). Two Grade 11 students at Park Lane Harbour were admitted to two top STEM institutions: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Imperial College London, a full year early. [gallery ids="7620,7624,7626"] BASIS students continue to achieve success across a broad array of pursuits — from traditional academic programmes including Ivy League Universities to highly selective programmes offered by specialist institutions devoted to the performing arts, visual arts and design. Some US acceptances include Cornell University, Vanderbilt University, University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Duke University, Dartmouth University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Washington University St. Louis, University of California Los Angeles, Emory University, Rice...

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Admissions FAQ: What to expect on the Open Assessment

Listed below, are some of the more frequently asked questions about our Open Assessment Exam. All applicants are required to take the BASIS Assessment. This examination is created and administered by BASIS International School.  This examination is created and administered by BASIS Curriculum Schools. Continue reading for a variety of questions about our admissions assessment. 1. What is an Open Assessment and who takes it? Assessment is part of the admissions process for students applying for the primary grade levels. All applicants take this exam. This exam is a diagnostic examination. 2. What is on the Open Assessment? Our Assessment covers three areas: Math, English/Language Arts, and Writing. The content of these exams is based on the foundational material for the grade students are applying for. Math: Students will be presented with a set of open-ended math questions. BASIS Curriculum Schools utilize Saxon math and our test is modeled from this program. We strongly encourage students to show their work so that we may award partial credit when possible. 3. How long does the exam take? In total, please allow 1-2 hours for the Open Assessment 4. How should my student prepare for the exam? Preparation is not necessary. The Open Assessment is more of a diagnostic test that is used by...

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Early Years: Kindergarten Market Fun

In kindergarten we aspire to create hands-on learning opportunities that engage our students in real-world contexts. As part of our Early Years Curriculum, we build a strong foundation and progress to more developed skills through Kindergarten, including the introduction of some Grade 1 material. During our study of money, students explore Thai Baht coins, arranging combinations to create different amounts. This led naturally to play, where students pretended to buy items and pay shopkeepers. An idea was born – The Kinder Market! Our students planned a shop and the items that they would like to sell. At BASIS, we seek to find connections between subjects any chance we can. To extend our learning beyond math, we made cross-curricular connections to literacy by filming advertisements and creating sale posters. Students watched commercials and learned how advertisers use media to attract customers.On the day of the market, students set up their tables and products. Our students sold hair clips, fruit, gold and diamonds, books, toys, balloons, flowers, art supplies, masks, paper, and dragon eggs! We even had a movie theatre! Each product was marked with a price tag and students were ready to make some money. We were so excited to welcome our shoppers, and happy to see that there was a line forming...

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Students Take the Lead in Global Readiness – BASIS, One of the Best International Schools in the World

BASIS Curriculum School 15-year-olds have continued to lead their peers globally for competencies in math, reading, and science according to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA run by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Out of 79 participating education systems from different countries, BASIS students continue to lead their peers globally, such as China, which was represented by four provinces (Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang), Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, and others. Current results compared with the most recent OECD exam taken in 2018 show that BASIS students continue to lead their peers globally in math, reading, and science. They are developing critical skills, such as analyzing, reasoning, and communicating ideas, to ensure their success in college and beyond. BASIS Students also ranked top in Reading, Mathematics, and Science The results of the OECD Test for Schools (based on PISA) are one metric that demonstrates the effectiveness of BASIS Curriculum Schools. The combination of a rigorous, internationally benchmarked curriculum, Subject Expert Teachers who have a degree of autonomy in the classroom, and a supportive school culture provides an educational environment where any motivated student can and does excel.  BASIS students repeatedly demonstrate competencies that would enable them to navigate the challenges of the future. BASIS Independent Schools Senior...

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