Administered by the College Board to promote college readiness, Advanced Placement® (AP) courses and exam scores are objective measures to assess high school students and permit them to bypass, and in some cases gain credit for, introductory college courses. AP exams are a recognized standard across the world and an integral part of the admissions decisions for many colleges and universities.

BASIS Curriculum School Students Are Required To Take AP Classes In All Disciplines.

Our curriculum is oriented around the idea that deep learning happens when students are challenged, and there is no better manifestation of challenge than AP and post-AP coursework. Our unique implementation of AP and post-AP coursework in core disciplines, foreign languages, social sciences, and technology-related topics facilitates content mastery at the college level and the gaining of tools to understand the complexities of the modern world.

Explore statistics related to BASIS Independent students’ performance on AP exams below. Curious why AP? Have a read here.*

BASIS Curriculum students are 60% more likely to pass their AP exams than the average test-taker.A higher pass rate means higher chance of actually earning college credit while in high school!

Because of their AP exam results, some students are able to enter select colleges as second semester sophomores.Some universities where this is the case include the UC system’s engineering programs, University of Southern California, and North Carolina State. In other cases, students use AP credit to satisfy liberal arts requirements which gives them earlier access to advanced coursework.

BASIS Curriculum School students take an average of 12.9 AP exams by the time they graduate.The average number of exams per BASIS test-taker in 2019 was 4.05 versus 1.8 for all test takers who are usually seniors (in 2019, 40.2% of all AP exams were taken by seniors, while only 4.6% of our AP exams were taken by seniors). Taking AP exams is a strong indication to college admissions representatives that students are willing and able to tackle college-level material.

Advanced Placement® is a trademark owned by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, BASIS Independent Schools.