In my international professional career, I have been employed and educated in The Netherlands, Norway, UK, Bangladesh, UAE, Kazakhstan, China and Thailand with an all-round K-12 teaching and senior management background. This includes experiencing several CIS/NEASC and curriculum accreditation processes, being an active CIS visiting team member as well as having experience with several international curricula.

I am graduated in Pedagogic (BA) and Inclusive Education (MA) with focus on leadership, communication and organizational behaviour in London (UK). I am also graduated in Education with a doctorates research degree with the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Next to this, I hold several whole school senior leadership certificates.

Being convinced that nothing is impossible I believe that everyone can reach his or her target one way or another, all by displaying a positive attitude, confidence, discipline, high organizational skills, clear communication skills and last but not least by being committed to lifelong learning and hard work.

In my role as Head of School, I endeavour to inspire and support students, teachers and administrators in developing their leadership and critical thinking skills in order to fulfil their dreams.

I believe that a school should be in constant development in order to improve itself in areas such as health, safety, and academics so it can be a nurturing, transparent and an exciting place for learners, teachers, parents, administrators, institute representatives and visitors.

A school with an international character situated overseas should respect the traditions and cultural traits and values of the host country. Being committed to the international mindedness it is essential to have a link with both, the local and expat community as part of the educational program.

I empower administrators and teachers so that they can develop their skills to become more successful in their roles as educators. Only then they can guide students in their learning process at the outstanding level that we expect our students to learn. This is grounded in the fact that I respect each individual uniqueness, opinion, cultural and national background and rights to freedom of expression. The school management team should strive to guarantee that learners, parents and teachers will be encouraged, motivated and challenged with new learning and holistic journeys which will help retain them for a longer period of time and etch in their memories the school as the place that enjoys an excellent reputation.

Everyone’s opinions are valued and will be considered in decisions. In staff meetings, all concerned members should be encouraged to be actively involved by sharing thoughts and bringing up suggestions. All meetings should be minuted with realistic deadlines and persons to be responsible for actions need to be shared and followed up with involved persons and be monitored. Agendas with clear points need to be prepared prior to the meeting and leave space for additional points that will be raided during the meeting.

In order to keep the school running effectively and to foster the mission; the school’s strategic plan, school policies and educational programs need to be led, facilitated, monitored and evaluated regularly. Clear and open communication about these procedures to administrators is necessary before informing and directing the teaching and operational staff.

With my philosophy of education and extensive management experience, I commit to the shining success of school learners, teachers and administrators at BASIS International School Bangkok.

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