Our 5th-grade artists just completed their Artivism unit, where the goal was to use art as the medium to create a positive change both within and beyond the classroom!

We started the project by learning about child activists; young people like Greta Thunberg. Those who used their voices and actions to change the world. We also learned about artists who use their art and actions to bring about social change – such as Hank Willis Thomas.

Our students took time to consider what really mattered to them and where they would like to make an impact for change. They then planned what creative action to take duly creating art to express their ideas!

The children’s topics ranged from anti-bullying, climate change, to animal welfare. Their artistic visions took form in paintings, posters, flags, sewed animals, and even graphic design brochures! Many groups paired with local hospitals and charity organizations where we will donate our creations. These include the Soi Dog Foundation, Rescue P.A.W.S., and Bumrungrad Hospital’s Community Outreach Program.

All the students stepped to the front of the class and presented both their ideas and physical work to the other children and a group of teachers. These artists did an incredible job – they completed their initial brief – and they made a difference!